Jack Hodgson - Martial Artist

Jack Hodgson is no ordinary 15 year old. As a Commonwealth Gold Medalist in Judo who suffers with Ushers Syndrome, the Widex Super 440 has made a big impact on his life.
When an independent hearing care practice, Hearing Help Ltd in North Hykeham near Lincoln, received a letter from Nicky Hodgson outlined the difficulties of her son Jack, 15, was experiencing with his hearing and hearing aids, Lorraine Tipler, hearing aid Audiologist and her husband George, Director of Hearing Help Ltd, were determined to help.

"Jack's existing aids from a different manufacturer were consistently 'shutting down' during his physical training for judo" says Lorraine. "This was a concern for his parents Jon and Nicky as it was clearly impacting on communication with his coach and at times caused difficulties with communications at school."

Jack is a proud commonwealth Gold Medal holder for Judo and is focused on representing his country at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - which is quite an achievement for the teenager suffering with Ushers Syndrome.

Ushers Syndrome is a relatively rare genetic disorder that is a leading case in deaf-blindness. Jack, who started Judo at the age of six, says "Ushers Syndrome for me means I am profoundly deaf and have a degenerative eye condition. I currently have only 10 degrees of vision at all - which as you can imagine is a bit of a challenge when it comes to Judo."

Lorraine, along with George, considered how Hearing Help Ltd could assist Jack when they both attended the Manchester launch of the Widex Super Power BTE. "We were bowled over by the product with the emotional and passionate presentation by diver and Olympian Tony Ally. We needed an impressive and powerful product to satisfy the needs required for Jack's profound hearing loss and his demanding lifestyle."

Jacks was subsequently fitted with a pair of binaural Widex Super Power 440 BTE hearing aids, complete with M-Dex, TV-Dex and RC-Dex.

Since being fitted in April with the Super 440's, Jack says "It's like going from a driving a clapped-out old banger to driving a Ferrari."

Jack particularly enjoys the M-Dex Bluetooth capabilities when paired with his smart phone, being able to hear calls on his telephone, or stream his music to both ears.

On 27 June 2012, Jack was an Olympic torch bearer, yet another momentous achievement. "It was a very proud moment for all of them," says Lorraine. "We look forward to continuing to support Jack with his hearing healthcare as he steps closer to representing Team GB at the 2016 Paralympic Games Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We wish him every success."

To find out more about Ushers Syndrome visit, www.sense.org.uk; and to find out more about Hearing Help Ltd, go to www.hearinghelpltd.co.uk

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