Hearing is an important sense – and it is hard to find out you are losing it. Luckily there are solutions to help you hear again.

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Do you have a hearing loss?
Early signs may be subtle – your friend or partner may often repeat herself, or you may have difficulty hearing at a party or family gathering.

As your hearing loss gets worse, it will be more difficult to understand the world around you. It’s important to take action now.
Look for these hearing loss signs
  • Difficulty understanding people, especially in crowded places like restaurants

  • Need to have phrases repeated

  • High volume on the TV or stereo

  • Difficulty hearing on the phone

  • Difficulty following group conversations
Hard of hearing? You’re not alone.
If you are experiencing hearing loss, you are not alone.

In fact hearing loss is very common, affecting around 360 million people worldwide.

And while it is often associated with old age, hard of hearing also affects an increasing number of younger people.

Finding a way to deal with your hearing loss can be a challenge.

From the moment, loss of hearing is suspected or diagnosed, you enter a new world of information and terminology.

A clear, thorough understanding of hearing loss – from the function of our hearing system to the different diagnostic hearing tests – will help provide the base for the decisions and adjustments ahead.

There is significant evidence to suggest that the earlier you react to signs of hearing loss, even a mild hearing loss, the more quality of life will improve in the long term.
Understanding hearing loss
In order to fully understand what hearing loss is, it is necessary to understand the function of the hearing system.

The complete hearing system is responsible for our sense of hearing.

It picks up acoustic sound waves and transforms them into neural codes, which can be interpreted by the brain.

The hearing system consists of three main sections:
  • The outer ear
  • The middle ear
  • The inner ear
When there is a damage to any part of the path that sound takes through the hearing system, hearing ability may be comprised.

Only certain types of hearing loss can be treated with medicine or surgery, while most others will benefit from the use of hearing aids.
Read some of the stories of real people that have benefited from wearing Widex hearing aids. 
Learn more about the different types of hearing loss.
Having a hearing loss does not simply mean the inability to hear loudly enough.
Help your loved one hear better.
It’s easy to help a child improve their hearing. 


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Our online hearing test is very easy to complete. All you have to do is answer five simple questions and listen to a few sound examples. You will receive your results immediately.

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