Hearing aid technology has come a long way, and hearing aid connectivity is now more important than ever.

For our hearing aids, connectivity is all-important, because you want your hearing aids to integrate seamlessly and flawlessly with all the technology you need in your life.

That’s why we continue to develop hearing aids and assistive listening devices that will meet your expectations for connectivity technology.

Here are the answers to a few questions you may have about compatibility and your Widex hearing aids.

What is meant by hearing aid connectivity?

When we talk about hearing aid connectivity, we’re essentially talking about hearing aids that can connect to other electronic devices. These are devices you use in your daily life, like your smartphone or your TV.

Widex provides a wide range of connectivity solutions.

For example, with 2.4GHz “Made-for-iPhone” hearing aids, you can enjoy direct streaming to your hearing aid. The app will also give you full control via your phone.

And our DEX assistive listening devices allow other technologies to integrate seamlessly with your everyday life.

Are Widex hearing aids compatible with mobile devices, like mobile phones and tablets?

With a 2.4GHz hearing aid app, like the EVOKE app, you can personalise your listening experience, change programs, adjust the volume, and create your own personal programs. At Widex we continue to improve compatibility. Go to your compatibility page to see the new devices we’re supporting.

If you don’t have a 2.4GHz solution, assistive listening devices can help your hearing aids communicate with other audio devices for all hearing models with wireless capability. We’ve got several assistive devices that will connect to your mobile phone, and we strive to make all our hearing aids compatible with most smartphones and other mobile devices.

For instance, COM-DEX is a hands-free device for streaming sound from any of your mobile phones to your hearing aids. And you can combine COM-DEX with an app so that you can control volume, sound direction and program setting.

CALL-DEX is ultra-compact device for streaming conversations from your mobile phone to your hearing aids. Here you just need to insert CALL-DEX into the jack plug of the phone.

UNI-DEX is a plug and play assistive listening device with a built-in microphone.

Are Widex hearing aids compatible with iPhones?

Yes. We’ve got “Made for iPhone” hearing aids – like BEYOND and EVOKE – that are, as you would guess, made specifically to connect with iPhones.

These advanced hearing devices can handle stable direct streaming to both hearing aids, while delivering outstanding audio quality from any Apple device.

You can combine the streaming with the EVOKE app, where you can adjust things like program settings and volume.

Can I stream audio to my smart TV?

Yes, depending on your hearing aid model.

With TV PLAY you can stream directly to your hearing aids and get outstanding sound performance in a discreet design. TV PLAY is compatible with 2.4GHz Widex hearing aids.

TV-DEX lets you enjoy distortion-free wireless TV sound in your hearing aids, so you can experience the sound exactly as intended, even for non-2.4GHz models.

Can I stream audio sound from the computer to the hearing aids?

Yes, with UNI-DEX you can stream audio from a computer via the mini-jack output, so you can have Skype meetings or enjoy music. Just insert the jack plug into the computer and you’re all set.

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