Many different types of accessories help make your life easier.
From streaming phone calls directly to your hearing aid to listening to music without taking your phone out of your pocket - hearing aid accessories allow technology to seamlessly integrate into your everyday life. The devices are both easy and intuitive to use, as well as easy on the eye.

Widex hearing aid accessories can often be tailor-made to individual needs. Contact a hearing professional to learn what's available to you.     

Audio streaming to hearing aids

Get high-quality sound from any Bluetooth device to your Widex hearing aid with COM-DEX.
Receive crystal clear sound directly to your hearing aids with cordless PHONE-DEX 2.
Stream conversations straight from your mobile phone with extremely discreet CALL-DEX. 
Pick up signals from FM receiver, telecoil or line-in to your Widex hearing aids with FM+DEX.

Got any questions? Check out the most frequently asked questions about device compatibility and hearing aids.

TV hearing devices

Stream TV sounds seamlessly to your hearing aid with TV PLAY. 
Stream TV sound directly to your hearing aid through TV-DEX.

Hearing aid & tinnitus apps

Fine-tune your hearing, so you get exactly the sound you prefer - in exactly the moments that are important to you.
Teach the EVOKE hearing aid how you prefer to hear with a few taps on the EVOKE app.
Turn your smartphone into a remote control with the TONELINK app.
Personalize your BEYOND hearing aid with the BEYOND app.
Get information and get relaxed with the tinnitus relief app, Widex Zen. 

Hearing aid dryer

PerfectDry Lux

Dry and sanitize your hearing aids in just 45 minutes to keep hearing aid performance at its best - with the hearing aid dryer PerfectDry Lux.

Hearing loss in one ear

CROS hearing aid

If you have one-sided hearing loss or single-sided deafness, CROS is here to help. You hear sounds on your deaf side - without turning your head.

Hearing aid remote control

Control your hearing aid and microphone using COM-DEX and the convenient app.
Get control of hearing aid volume and programs with small and discreet RC-DEX.

Hearing aid batteries

Widex hearing aid battery

Widex batteries are coded with a number and a color. What else should you know about our hearing aid batteries?

Telecoil hearing aid accessories

Stream signals from telecoil, as well from FM receiver or line in with FM+DEX.

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