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What we think about when we think about hearing aids and streaming

Last Updated06-12-2019

For most people, thinking about the subject of hearing loss is somewhat unpleasant. A reason for this may be that we generally don’t like to think about losing an ability we’ve taken for granted all our lives. For most of us, this is a scary and unpleasant thought.
Another part of the stigma surrounding hearing loss stems from the hearing aids themselves. We often imagine large, bulky, unattractive devices that no one really would like to wear. Devices like the ones our grandparents wore that whistled at family gatherings, that had to be pushed back into place all the time, and that generally seemed inconvenient.

By and large, we want to preserve our quality of life and enjoy everything life has to offer without restrictions. For most of us, wearing hearing aids doesn’t seem to be in line with this.

Times have changed, fortunately

Lately, hearing aids have seen tremendous improvements in terms of technology and design. Not only are modern hearing aids far more discreet, they are also more advanced in terms of what they enable the user to experience, enjoy and do.

One recent area of focus for hearing aid manufacturers is music, movies and streaming. For most of us, being able to fully enjoy music, or a movie, is an enormously important part of our quality of life. Just because someone has suffered hearing loss doesn't mean that enjoying music becomes any less important. Quite the contrary, actually.

That is why hearing aid users should now be able to expect their hearing aids to support some form of streaming between the TV, the smartphone and the user. One of the most popular types of streaming is high quality music streaming between smartphones and hearing aids. Here the user can listen to full quality music through their hearing aids, just like when using a pair of wireless headphones.

However, the quality and type of streaming vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. The best hearing aids are able to provide hassle-free music streaming in high quality stereo, while some hearing aids only support mono – or no streaming at all.

Expect more

Increasingly, hearing aid users will come to expect that their devices not only provide good everyday hearing, but also cooperate seamlessly with their other gadgets to support and enhance the users’ ability to enjoy life in more and more arenas – including music, sports and general health.

Music streaming is just one area where people’s perception of hearing aids is undergoing a rapid transformation. In the future, users can expect to see their hearing aids not as some unpleasant, cumbersome medical device, but more as an attractive gadget that empowers the user to do more and to fully enjoy life.

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